Things That Inevitably Happen To You When You Work At Bramble & Wild

Here at Bramble and Wild, we are a close little team and as such, we find that we end up picking up some rather unusual habits, both from each other and from working in our lovely little blue shop. We thought we would compile a list of our little eccentricities to give a some insight into what life is like as part of the #BrambleFam. We’re pretty confident that our fellow florists will be able to relate to several of these; it’s not all ‘playing with flowers’ and snapping beautiful photos for the ‘gram after all!

– A jam jar is no longer just a jam jar. Or any jar, in fact. We can no longer sit down to eat without noticing the various vessels around us, and we have been known to rifle through friends’ recycling having spotted a particularly interesting receptacle for one of our jam jar posies.



– You become very protective over your food. Our beloved shop dog Bracken is known as the Lunch Bandit, and for good reason. All food that you do not wish to donate to an ever-hungry Labrador must be kept securely in a drawer; something Grace briefed us all on on our very first day. The long list of snacks lost to the Biscuit Botherer includes an entire packet of hot cross buns, half a pizza, most of a loaf of delicious Rye Bakery sourdough and half a Yorkie, (the chocolate bar, not the small dog,) and whatever mouldy leftovers he can find lingering in the bin. Whats more, lunch breaks at Bramble and Wild are never lonely, as they are spent under the watchful (hopeful) gaze of Bracken and Wellington as they edge closer and closer awaiting a fallen crumb. If that wasn’t enough to contend with, should you manage to protect your snacks from the hungry pack of shop dogs, they are sure to be snapped up by one of your fellow florists when your back is turned.



– Speaking of snacks, whether it be the cold temperature or constant physical activity, working at Bramble and Wild you will find yourself snacking more than ever before. Us florists are a hungry breed, and the amount of biscuits and baked goods we get through is, frankly, impressive. We are sure that every florist will be able to relate when we say that behind every successful Valentines or Mothers’ day there is a small mountain of biscuit crumbs and pizza boxes. Alongside our rather out of control snack habit, we drink an extraordinary amount of tea, and the most common sound in a flower shop is arguably the rumble of a boiling kettle followed by our call of ‘tea anyone’ from upstairs. Florists develop ever more inventive ways of asking for a fresh cup, and Grace is no exception, anything from ‘are there any clean mugs?’ To ‘what’s the time?’ may aswell be interpreted as a hint to stick the kettle on.


– You will no longer be able to visit friends and relatives without giving an impromptu diagnosis of their house plants, whether it is wanted or not. Our nails are constantly black from poking the soil and declaring it too dry, too damp, too dense, you name it we can’t help but share our knowledge of plants, much to the delight of our friends and family. On the subject of nails, having pretty hands becomes a far distant memory as you develop lovely calluses from holding your snips or mossing wreaths and, during wedding season, your fingers become a permanent delightful shade of green.


– You will scrub more buckets that you ever dreamt possible. Enough said.


– At the start of summer, friends and acquaintances will declare that you have lost an astounding amount of weight. The reality is, that you have stopped wearing the multiple jumpers required to keep warm during winter in the shop. Getting dressed in the morning will take a considerable amount of time, as each layer has its own place in your daily stack. It’s a miracle that we are still able to move enough to work; our record last winter had to be me at nine jumpers, three pairs of leggings, and various other items of knitwear.


– You will be called up for impromptu photo shoots at any point in the day, no matter what you’re doing. Or wearing.



– You will find leaves hiding in places you never thought possible. After washing your work clothes, a sizeable pile of stems will appear in the drum of your washing machine, and don’t even think about unfolding the turn ups of your trousers unless you are prepared to clear a small forest from your carpet. Should you find your significant other tenderly touching your hair, the likelihood is that it is not a sign of affection, just that you have some sort of wildlife caught in there.


So there we have it, some of the strange and bizarre habits we have all developed as we take our place in the BrambleFam. As families go, ours is certainly a little bonkers, but would we have it any other way?! Absolutely not.


  • By Lydia.