Winter Light Candles


The Botanical Candle Companies Winter Light range come in 3 lovely scents, First Light, Half Light & Last Light.

First Light: Light first thing in the morning and wake up with this clean and peppery scent.

This refreshing blend of eucalyptus and myrtle smells like a fresh wreath on the door and boughs of greenery filling your home. With both of the hero oils known for their cleansing, reviving properties this blend is everything you’ll need to help shake-off the fatigue of winter.

Half Light: As the sun dips below the horizon surround yourself with this comforting and familiar combination of citrus and spice.

This nostalgic blend will bring back memories of childhood Christmases making pomanders. The warm sweetness of clementine is perfectly balanced by the resinous spice of clove. Light when as the sun is low in the sky for a gentle transition in to the evening.

Last Light: When the night sets in let the rich, spicy warmth of cinnamon and rosemary fill your space.

This wonderful blend holds all the sweetness and spice of Christmas along with a freshness from rosemary that gives it a wholesome feel. Burn in your cosiest spot for winter comfort and joy.

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All our packaging is recycled or recyclable, please reuse it if you can!

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 cm

First Light, Half Light, Last Light