Recycling A Bouquet

Hello everyone, happy Monday!

Last week we discussed what goes into making a bouquet from Bramble & Wild, so I thought that this week it was only right to explain what to do once your blooms have faded, hopefully in a good week to ten days after you have received them. We know (and hate the fact) that so many flowers around the world are packaged in the P word – PLASTIC. Now, currently we can’t help that some of our imported blooms do arrive to us in plastic, but we CAN help what we then send out bouquets to our lovely customers in.

We’re very lucky that Lydia, one of our shop florists, is a talented illustrator and she created this wonderful little info sheet which is posted out with all of our national delivery bouquets as these do require a little more packaging to get them to their destination safely. However, you don’t receive one of these if you just pick up a bunch from the shop, so here’s a how-to.



Firstly, when you receive a bouquet locally, it will look a little something like the ones below. You will have a box and an aquapack if the bouquet is over £35 but simple layers of paper and lovely tissue paper if it’s under. If you’ve had one by post, you receive a slightly different box, without handles as this is sturdier in transit. The gift boxes can be used to store things in, returned to us or recycled. Just take off the cotton handles and pop them, chopped up, in the compost bin or use them to tie something together. I hung my Christmas wreath up with these last year as they’re nice and thick! The paper and tissue paper can be recycled or we often use offcuts to light our woodburners when we’ve run out of newspaper or to keep notes on in the shop. A little bullclip is perfect for holding them all together. We use a nice acid free tissue paper and both are recycled before they come to us too.



The main source of plastic for most florists is the aquapack. This is the water bubble that keeps the flowers fresh. We use a compostable cellophane currently, which can be composted in your food or green bin at industrial sites. We’re trialling ‘naturepack’ which is a new cellophane made from plants and can be composted at home too, but the longevity of this isn’t quite as long. Alternatively, we might change completely to small reusable and recyclable vases & would love to know your thoughts on this!

If you have a postal bunch, you’ll have an eco wrap instead of a bubble of water, but it will still be contained in cellophane to stop it leaking. This funny little white fabric can be composted alongside the cello!

You do receive a few extras with your bouquet – natural twine that holds it all together, a little paperclip holds the gift card onto the box which can be reused again and again and the cards themselves can all go in the recycling. Of course, let’s not forget the main event which you can pop in the compost too!


We’re always working to improve our packaging to make even less of a footprint whist keeping that luxury look that makes one of our bouquets so special to receive. We have got new plans in the works for 2020 and will of course be sharing them with you when we launch them!


Have a great week and don’t forget to follow us on instagram @brambleandwild for more insights into our work!

Grace x