What Katy Did

Hello everyone! I thought that I would write a little post on this sunny spring day whilst I am sat pondering what journey I am going to be taken on in the garden this year. I will share my plans for what seeds I am going to sow, some of my favourite plants and also what I am up to at the moment in the garden.

I absolutely love this time of year when I can finally get back out into the garden and feel the warmth of the sunshine after a long winter. The first thing that I get stuck into is sowing seeds, so many seeds! My box of seed packets is forever growing (excuse the pun…!) I just can’t help myself when it comes to buying one extra packet of seeds! I am always drawn to choose flower varieties are beneficial for the bees and other pollinators and this year I have chosen to grow Daucus Carota ‘Dara’, Scabious ‘Black Knight’, Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’, Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’, Thunbergia ‘African Sunset’ to name a few as well as some grasses such as Pennisetum ‘Tail Feathers’ and of course the cute little fluffy grass tufts known as Lagurus Ovatus or more commonly Hare’s Tails. A lot of these annual plants are also great for cutting and arranging in the home, but as long as you leave lots for our pollinator pals in the garden!

One of my all time favourite plants has to be the humble sweet pea, oh the heavenly scent that is produced by those sweet little ruffled flowers! I have already got a few little plant babies growing happily in the greenhouse that were sown in the Autumn, these can also be sown now so there is still time to grow them! This year I am trying two new varieties that I have not grown before – Mollie Rilstone that is cream in colour with a dusky pink edge and also Chatsworth a pale blue/lilac, hopefully these will be a success and I will have little bunches of sweet smelling blooms to dot around the house!

This time of year I tend to spend most of my time planning my flower beds, moving plants, potting on cuttings and seedlings, weeding (little and often!) and also taking time to enjoy the sunny spring days. That said, I’m off to get stuck in and sow some more seeds. Just a few more I promise!

Take care everyone.

Katy x