How Do We Create Our Hand-tied Bouquets of #BrambleBlooms?


Hello and happy Wednesday! In today’s #BrambleRamble, we thought we would talk through the process of creating one of our signature wild and wonderful hand-tied bouquets. This is a question that we are asked fairly regularly in the shop and on social media, with many of you intrigued as to how those loose stems transform into a big bouquet of gorgeousness!

The first step taken by any florist creating your bouquet is to carefully read or listen to what kind of look you would like us to create with your bouquet, and the favourite colours or flowers of the lucky person that will be receiving them. We absolutely love hearing about the occasions that you celebrate using our flowers; from graduations, to birthdays, to new babies, or our personal favourite…just because!



With this in mind, we carefully choose a selection of blooms from our daily fresh selection. When choosing stems for a bouquet, there are many things that we will consider. As all of our florists have undertaken traditional City and Guilds training before learning on the job, we take each of the Elements & Principles of design into account when making our selection. Colour and texture are two elements that we particularly consider to ensure that each selection is as beautiful as can be. Besides the general ‘look’ of the flowers selected, there are many other things to consider; for example, a stem such as clematis ‘Blue Pirouette’ is beautiful, but does not add a lot of volume to a bouquet, so will need to be balanced out with something a little more full, such as eryngium or a spray rose. Of course, here at B&W foliage is just as important as the flowers to achieve our signature ‘wild’ look, and we all like to select a real mix of greenery from our overflowing buckets at the base of our stand.

Once we have made our selection, we carefully cost up each bouquet to make sure we have used your budget effectively. At this stage we also make a quick note of the stems we are using, so that we can recreate any bouquets that you particularly like. We all like to lay our stems out in groups before getting to work, so a clear surface is a must before creating a hand-tie. The last step before the bouquet can be assembled is to carefully check each and every stem for petals damaged in transit or nibbled leaves; flowers are natural products and even the freshest of blooms can be prone to the odd flaw.



With all of our stems prepped, inspected, and ready to go, we first create what we call a ‘nest’ using our foliage, and spiralling our stems our stems at an angle. We then work into our nest using our selected blooms, carefully considering the placement of each one to create the desired look. Where we place each flower will depend on an individual bloom’s shape, for example, a wild and wispy Astrantia ‘Roma’ looks absolutely beautiful doing its thing above more dense and dominant blooms such as roses.

With the bouquet assembled and after a final tweak, it’s time to wrap. Our wrapping arguably takes as long as arranging the flowers themselves and we often feel a bit like Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually. Ask any of our florists the trickiest part of creating a bouquet and they will most likely answer with ‘the aqua pack!’ We pride ourselves on using recyclable and compostable materials, and whilst we love our compostable cellophane, it is a little harder to work with than it’s traditional counterpart. In fact, if you have ever heard a suspicious rustling in the background whilst placing an order over the phone, it is likely to be one of us wrestling with a particularly stubborn one.



With the bouquet tied and wrapped, the final touch is to carefully write out your card message. It really does warm our hearts to see how much love is shared using our blooms and we feel privileged to play a small part in helping you celebrate some of life’s most important events.  Finally, our flowers then head out for delivery in our van all over Somerset, or via Royal Mail to some of the furthest corners of the UK; we are humbled each time one of you chooses us to send flowers far and wide.

So that’s the story of our hand tied #BrambleBlooms! We hope this has been informative, and not too much of a ramble! We would love to know any more questions you have, and what occasions you have celebrated using our flowers.

Love, Bramble & Wild.