A Big Hello!


We’ve been open for nearly 8 years now and this is our first proper blog post! Honestly, where has the time gone? This is something I have really been wanting to put together for years, but something else has always cropped up!

I thought that the best way to say hello would be to introduce our shop, (and ourselves, next time!) to those of you who haven’t made it into Frome to see us. (We’re so so grateful for our lovely instagram community @brambleandwild but realise that you don’t all live in our little town!)

Our shop is situated at the bottom of Catherine Hill, in the St Catherines area of Frome, Somerset. The area is brimming with independent makers and creatives, so it’s the perfect home for us. Even if it is on a cobblestone hill which means we have to have all four legs of our benches at different lengths – we love it!




In fact, this is our second home – early Bramble Bloomers will remember our first shop, no.13 right at the top of Catherine Hill, but in two weeks time, we will have been at no.4 for four whole years! (So many fours…!) Our current shop is bigger, thankfully, but even so we have managed to fill every nook and cranny – I’m not sure how that happens, but I think no matter how big the shop is, we would always be short of space! We even have a barn full of props for weddings at our house!

Anyway, as you can see, we LOVE flowers… We create bouquets for every day, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, occasions of all sorts and of course weddings, but that’s not all! We have a collection of curated gifts and niceties available in our shop too. We’re very conscious of our environmental footprint, so each gift is especially chosen for what it’s made from, where it’s made and what it can do! We hope to delve deeper into our suppliers for future posts, so look out for those.




So, what can you expect from these posts? Well, we know you love flowers too, or you wouldn’t be here! We’re going to give you weekly, (we hope,) insights into our daily flower shop life, weddings and what goes into a Bramble bouquet. We have a cutting patch too, so you will be seeing a little more of that this year as well. As well as flowers, we really want to share other lovely things that we love and that are close to our heart – we hope you love them too! If there’s something you really want to see, or know about us, leave a us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you for being here, for reading this and as ever, for your support. We’re really excited to be going on this journey with you.